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Data Storage

How your data is stored will define how you can consume it

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Following the data ingestion process, it’s time to optimize your data storage. Making the right storage choices will impact your ability to use your data effectively.

Data Warehouse

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Data warehouses are the perfect solution to gather all the data generated by different sources in your company in one place.

They give you the ability to create reports, perform in-depth analysis, and take data-driven decisions for your company.

Flexible hosting options

Our solutions can be hosted with a cloud provider or on-premise. Choose from a range of top industry tools such as:

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Data Lake

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If your data inflow enters the realm of Big Data, and is in a raw and unstructured format, a data lake may be the best solution for you, rather than a data warehouse.

We can help you create a Data Lake that is well-organized and created with the appropriate logic, preventing it from becoming a swamp of unstructured information.

Strong data platforms

Here at Moove It, we believe in providing scalable, long-term solutions that are designed with your success in mind.

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That's why we pay close attention to important factors such as error handling, monitoring, and data quality.

We understand the importance of data security, and have experience building data solutions in highly regulated industries such as finance/ fintech and healthcare. For example, we can ensure the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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