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Creating animated books to excite children about reading

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Creating animated books to excite children about reading

Vooks quite simply brings storybooks to life.

More than one million parents and teachers have trusted Vooks to provide a new way to engage children and help them with their reading skills.

The innovative organization provides a streamable library of storybooks that children love.

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Moove It and Vooks built an enjoyable and intuitive online learning platform

Vooks in various devices and Apple Tv

We worked side-by-side with Vooks to design and build a highly engaging online platform.


It needed to work seamlessly and provide an experience for millions of children aged two to eight, as well as for parents and educators. The platform needed to be available on devices ranging from phones, tablets, to the web, while Vooks can also be downloaded to streaming platforms such as Apple TV.


To achieve the desired results meant we had to tackle a mixture of design, business, and technical challenges.

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How we created an immersive design

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Moove It’s design experts helped build an attractive, intuitive, and engaging experience for groups of people with very different profiles - from very young children to professional educators.

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How we built a technically- challenging platform

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The technical challenges involved creating a platform able to handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, streaming content and with the ability to quickly scale up and down. Having built the platform we then seamlessly migrated 1.5 million users.

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