Artificial Intelligence Studio

Build new AI-infused products and services

From the initial discovery through to development and deployment, we use innovative approaches, combined with the latest technologies and tools, to build custom AI-powered software products.

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Artificial Intelligence Studio

Our Artificial Intelligence Studio specializes in building the next generation of digital products and services. We blend machine learning expertise with mature software development capabilities.

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Our Services

Machine learning product discovery

A dedicated service to create new AI-driven products and services. After defining and refining your initial product idea, we’ll build machine learning prototypes to analyze their feasibility.

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You’ll benefit from our broad experience in digital analytics including data management, system integration, data visualization, and reporting.

Machine learning product development

From understanding your data so machine learning models can learn from it, to modeling and training the models themselves, our experts are ready.

Machine learning deployment

Coordinating between IT teams and other relevant teams we deploy custom solutions to the production environment. You’ll be able to act upon the recommendations, measure key targets, and make business decisions based on these insights.

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AI as part of your team

We can also provide training, from an in-depth technical focus on topics such as new deep learning models, to providing higher level workshops for business executives.

Our practices

Designing models

We design and train machine learning and deep learning models to identify underlying patterns. The insights they provide allow us to predict and classify important metrics for your organization or business.

Unique insights

By using Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we're able to improve search results, analyze what your customers are saying about your brand on social media, automatically classify documents, and even build a chatbot tailored to your needs.

Extract information

We use OpenCV and deep learning techniques together to extract relevant and actionable information from images and videos. We can do image classification, object detection, image segmentation, and instance segmentation.

Our success stories

A driver safety application for a major mining company

We designed, built, and implemented an application to improve safety for heavy duty machinery, such as excavators and hydraulic mining shovels.

Using computer vision techniques the application can determine if a driver is distracted, and then sends an alert. With this application, the company can monitor and measure driver safety via a dashboard.

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Automatic email classification for a logistics company

It’s a common scenario for businesses - how to manage and classify large numbers of email requests.

We worked with a leading logistics company to automate this time-consuming task. Using a natural language processing engine, we designed and implemented a classification and registration system to automatically handle orders and complaints.

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