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Healthy financials with Ahead.

Mobile phone running Ahead app

Ahead is a US-based FinTech company that has been focused on the financial experience for the middle-class consumer since 2012.

With a clear customer-centric approach, Ahead has always pushed to provide more value to its clients. Their goal is to give customers the possibility to access low-rate loans that contribute to better management of their finances.

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Consumers need a healthy financial life.

Ahead is a digital financial services mobile app that provides economic solutions and services to the underfinanced.

The challenge

The company was looking for a development partner with the goal of improving its development process and the quality of the deliverables, all while increasing their team’s overall performance. Moove It assisted Ahead in this process by being their technology partner and improving the backend of their web application with the implementation done through Java.

the challenge

After one year of working effectively together, our teams had coordinated everything from creating a more effective web application for loans, improved quality assurance, to integrating external systems and enhancing development processes. It was time to extend our relationship.

Integration: Ahead & Moove It

Ahead’s technical leader trusted Moove It to collaborate with the idea and develop the app from day one.


Ahead began their mobile application journey with a carefully curated team of Moovers, who were tasked with bringing the product to life.

What was Moove It's challenge?

We set out to build a platform from scratch that would help democratize access to key financial services. Ahead’s mission is to help every individual get on a path to better financial health - and this platform was key in helping Ahead achieve this.


The platform needed to be easy to use, and make it possible for people to easily keep tabs on their banking status and financial health.

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How did we tackle the task?

The magic behind the results

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We fostered high-quality build management standards by using established project management and Agile methodologies.

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Provided end-to-end product development capabilities, all centered on the customer experience.

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Created and executed the visual design as well as implementing a unique brand identity.

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Focused on reducing risk and assuring high-quality products by applying robust testing services with an impact-oriented approach.

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Provided technical consultancy for strategic software development, product design, and go-to-market decisions.


Helping people

Designed to educate people

Ahead is designed to help educate people, so individuals have tips and best practices to better manage their finances.

Designed to educate

They also have savings accounts and advice for people who are facing financial difficulties.


Financial advice

Major benefits

People can access 100 dollars or more

One of the main benefits for people is easy access to an overdraft. In building the platform, we made it possible for people to access such financial assistance.

Ahead benefits
Up to date


During the different phases of the project, we used technologies including Java, Camel, Spring, AMQ, PostgreSQL, and AWS. For the integration phase, we used the following tools: Auth0, Plaid, VGS, Ingo Money, Galileo, Segment, Braze and Snowflake.


Figma was the main platform used for the design, along with Usability Hub and Maze for the usability testings.

react icon Developed the app using React Native.
Moove it

The Moove it Way

Here at Moove It we always encourage the practice and implementation of diverse Agile development methodologies such as Scrum. It’s through these practices and expertise, that we stay true to our core values.

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From first step, Moove It’s team worked closely on the product with other designers, product managers, developers, and stakeholders.



There were daily meetings to make sure everyone was aligned.

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The integration between the teams and the linkage they achieved was so successful that Moove It’s team members became one with Ahead’s crew.


We were capable of managing both teams: development and design in a way that made sure we fulfilled all objectives.

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Empathetic creativity

At every stage, Ahead encouraged creativity and innovation. That made it possible for designers and engineers to talk freely and propose new solutions.


Encourage Creativity

New Solutions

What they say about us

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Steve Roberson Managing Partner

“Moove It has been an ideal partner with our business. Their ability to work within our budget, adjust to our ever-changing product development priorities, and provide innovative and thoughtful solutions has been a large part of our success.”

Annik Ragsdale Senior Quality Engineer

“The team is composed of motivated and talented developers, who work to efficiently deliver excellent solutions.”

Sebastian Romero CEO

“Moove It has been able to successfully deliver a top quality product in record time, while assisting us in other aspects of our business such as product development, marketing and branding.”

Catapult Health
David Michel President & CEO Catapult Health

We were looking for resources with high level of skills, that are very good strategically as well as tactically, and that’s what we found with Moove It. Our team here doesn’t think of Moove It as a third party contractor but as a part of our team.

We make sure every step of the process is aligned to our values.

Strong Relationships

We build strong, trusting relationships with our clients and encourage close bonds among our team members.

Quality over Quantity

That’s the key to our philosophy. We strive to deliver the best service and create the highest quality products.

Team over individuals

We are great team players. We believe that great things can only be achieved through a strong, sustainable, and professional team.

Passion and Commitment

We are passionate about our work. We are enthusiastic about the work we do and the products we help build.

Happines and

We are committed to continuously improving ourselves and developing our potential.

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