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MooveCamp: upgrade your career with our JS coding bootcamp.

Learn how to build innovative and impactful tech solutions in 3 intensive weeks.
Participants Profile
Program Goal
After the training, you will be able to manage HTML, CSS, React and Javascript, and will learn the core technical aspects related to the development process. With all that knowledge and experience, and as a final bootcamp challenge, you will have to build an entire application.
Participant’s profile
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We are looking for professionals who have graduated from non-technology-related careers and are currently studying and/or have completed IT-related courses.
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Ideal candidates possess passion for selfpaced learning, proactive attitude, and teamwork.
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Applicants must be fluent in english, written and verbal.
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The next step in your career might be within our company.
After the Bootcamp, you could get hired by Moove It. Yes, you could became our new team member.
How it works
The program comprises extensive hands-on activities, led by a Moove It senior-level developer, who will be accountable for providing guidance and support throughout the learning journey, so that they can rapidly get started with building their first project.
Participants will be subject to an evaluation and a technical Interview in order to be finalist of the program.
The entire program will be held remotely.
Moove it developers
Participants Requirements
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Basic Programming skills
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Github account
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Heroku account
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Latest version of Node.js installed
Program Schedule
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3 weeks, 6 classes, 2 hours per class.
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An additional effort will be required to complete the proposed challenge at the end of the bootcamp.
Program Contents

Introduction to Web Applications, architecture and relevant technologies.

HTTP Protocol

Getting started with HTML. Document structure, semantics and elements.


Introduction to CSS, properties, and selectors.

CSS box model

Box model



Media queries

Tailwind CSS Framework



Components, state, and props





HTTP API integration

Deploying React apps to Heroku







LocalStorage and SessionStorage


JSON documents format

Moove it places
Coding Challenge
Build a Post-it Notes App.
When users get access to the app, they see a workspace where they can appreciate their post it notes, create new notes, edit existing ones, and move post it notes out to the trash bin.
Post-it notes in the trash bin can be permanently deleted or moved back to the workspace.
Users will have an option to empty the trash bin.
When the users click on the delete icon, they’ll see the notes that the user has moved to the trash bin.
Post-it notes in the trash bin can be permanently deleted or moved back to the workspace.
There’s also a trash bin icon that is displayed as full or empty depending on whether the trash bin area has notes inside it or not.
Moove it places
The application process is made up of three stages:
Participants MUST send both their CV and a Motivation letter. No applications will be accepted if one of those documents is not submitted
You will receive an introductory email with the pre-screened applicants, aimed to acquire a better feeling regarding their programming background and career goals, along with their motivation for joining the program. This would be the right time to address queries around expectations, goals, program structure and the various stages it consists of.
A personal interview with one of our People Generalists, where we talk about our vision, and assess your soft skills and personal development goals, to see if we are a good fit for each other.
A follow-up, technical background check with a Moove It Engineer to assess the applicant's overall programming proficiency level.
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March 15 to 31

Call for applications

March 25 to April 15

Personal interviews

April 12 to 26

Technical interviews

May 10th

Start of the program

Q: Will Moove it provide laptops for participants?
A: No, participants are expected to use their own personal laptop.
Q: What kind of time commitment should I expect?
A: The apprenticeship program will be held remotely and it will require two days a week, two hours per class, attendance. The program will last 3 weeks. Additional effort is required to complete the proposed challenge at the end of the bootcamp.
Q: How does the apprenticeship curriculum differ from a bootcamp?
A: This program does not include formal classroom instruction. Rather it requires self-directed study and research in order to meet the weekly goals. There is also a strong focus on assessing apprentices’ fit within the Moove it team specifically.
We are reviewing every application
You will be contacted before April 13th telling you the next steps.