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E-commerce has revolutionized the way that people shop for consumer goods. Since the option to purchase items over the internet was first introduced to the public in the mid-1990s, online shopping has skyrocketed to staggering proportions.


Business-to-customer (B2C) e-commerce made up


of all sales in the United States

of worldwide sales in 2017, amounting to $2.3 trillion (USD).
Online business-to-business (B2B) sales were were even higher, coming in at
$7.7 trillion (USD)
in 2017.

Shopify is an enormous, well known company and not only for their amazing product, big and talented team, and neat business model. Shopify is important because they give tens of thousands of retailers around the world the possibility to offer and sell their products online. In just a few seconds, in a short, intuitive, and flawless process, anyone can have an online store ready to sell, and are able to integrate it with hundreds of services and optimize the site with thousands of apps.

Shopify’s mission today is to make things easier for all of their merchants. Shopify’s model is simple: if their merchants business evolves well, theirs will evolve too.


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Transforming the vision into a plan

There is a big difference between having a vision and executing it. In Shopify’s case, that distance is almost zero. Along with their involvement with the community, they are constantly developing new tools and solutions. Shopify gives their clients (merchants) the power to suggest and implement new innovative solutions and ideas while using their platform, with the objective of delivering a better service to all clients.


A Superior Communication Tool

Shopify Ping is an app that allows merchants and their clients to communicate in a more effective, efficient way: sharing links, offers, products descriptions, and more. This is accomplished by acting as a hub where client inquiries coming from different communication channels like Messenger, Chatkit and more, are grouped into a simple and user friendly UI. Here, merchants have the possibility of supporting their clients into solving their needs.

Ping also offers the opportunity of working with Kit in a more efficient way. It is a free virtual employee that helps merchants boost sales and create brand awareness by managing marketing campaigns.


A Natural Partnership

Moove It’s collaboration with Shopify was smooth and productive from the start. Sharing the same Scrum management framework and agile software development approach, the partnership has been natural and effective.

Ping was successfully launched in June 2018. Since then, our software development company has continued to work with Shopify’s team to add more features to the app, both on-site in their San Francisco office and remotely.

Our involvement has been profound. This experience is one of the first times that Shopify has hired an agency as a developer partner. Shopify'’s objective was getting people to work full time in their San Francisco office. That was partly accomplished; onboarding processes were executed onsite: with team members traveling from Argentina and Uruguay and working for several weeks side-by-side. Then, transitioning processes were fluent and consistently executed. Our goal was to reach a point in which being physically together was not strictly necessary. Moove It’s team now spends part of their time on-site, but most of it, working remotely.

Why did Shopify select Moove It?

Vast experience working with big companies
Fast response
Instant availability of iOS experts.
Deep knowledge of technology and business oriented thinking
Presence in USA and Latam

As Shopify, scale your team with our experts.

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