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Mapping made easy

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Location drives the real estate industry, which makes mapping a critical element of successful transactions for real estate agents and land managers. As these professionals often lack sufficient knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), they have to rely on professional mapmakers in order to effectively showcase properties. However, even professionally created maps do not deliver the desired value, as they are often generic and require a prior knowledge of the land. The mapping process itself can be quite complicated and cumbersome.

With these challenges in mind, Land id had a vision to create an intuitive and easy‑to‑use GIS interface through which non‑professionals could create professional‑quality maps. This had the potential to revolutionize property transactions for all stakeholders.

notebook running Land Id App

Planning to reality: Moove It’s role in the project

Moove It was involved in the realization of this vision from the initial planning stages right through to the application’s official release. Our digital transformation services allow us to take care of the development, project management and infrastructure requirements of the project, based on the needs and goals communicated by the Land id team. We identified ease of use as the principal objective, and therefore prioritized an intuitive UX/UI design that struck the right balance between customization and a simple, yet feature‑rich product that delivered great value to users.

We found that with GIS, the greatest challenge to delivering a great user experience is the complexity associated with integrating data from multiple map providers, while adding several custom layers and high‑quality exports. This required a careful architectural design that allowed for flexibility and robustness. Not only did we achieve this, but over the years, our team has continued to redesign the system to speed up development and keep pace with increasing traffic and new front-end heavy features. We proactively propose new features that deliver a cutting‑edge performance for the end user. One such feature is the inclusion of drone imagery, which we are working to integrate into Land id

"Moove It has been an ideal partner with our business. Their ability to work within our budget, adjust to our ever-changing product development priorities, and provide innovative and thoughtful solutions has been a large part of our success."

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Steve Roberson Managing Partner, Land Id

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Mapping with mobile applications

To cater for an increasingly mobile‑driven world, Moove It redesigned the Land id mobile experience, which relies heavily on Mapbox – a location data platform for mobile and web applications. Although we had to work within the confines of that application, which was extremely limited when we started on the project, the Moove It team constantly developed innovative solutions to overcome the limitations of Mapbox and deliver an experience beyond what Mapbox was capable of.

For instance, with rural real estate as one of the primary targets, being able to take an iPad out to a ranch with pre‑cached maps and the ability to work offline and synchronize later were key features end‑users needed. We expanded on Mapbox to include these features for Land id.

Mobilephone running land id app

Showcasing land in an innovative way

Mobilephone running land id app
As a result of this project, Land id users can:
Screenshots of land id app

Choose a base layer (satellite, topographic or street) and enrich it with information such as soils, hydro, floodplain and parcels.

Screenshots of land id app

Choose a view (street, satellite, topographic, infrared or 3D zoom), visualizing a property from different angles.

Screenshots of land id app

Share geographic information between systems.

Screenshots of land id app

Share within the app, send a link, or embedded map, and export it as 3D or PDF/PNG.

Screenshots of land id app

Search by Address and Range information.

In delivering innovative solutions to complex problems, Moove It supports strategic growth at Land id and in the process, makes a real, positive impact on people’s lives. Our focus is to keep working with companies that use technology as a force for good.

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