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Building the next IOT Platform

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The Internet of Things

From fitness trackers to home security cameras, connected devices have become very popular with consumers. It’s estimated that there will be over 20 billion connected devices by 2020. In order to tap into this demand, companies are making major investments in the Internet of Things (IOT). Such investments have other tangible benefits, including access to valuable data that helps in business decision‑making, as well as the ability to leverage IoT for added functionality that reduces costs.


Secure and scalable cloud platform

Moove It’s work in the IoT space has been helping to make this a reality. We’ve been working with QuantumIOT since 2010, helping to build IoT platforms and applications that provide business-critical solutions to different industries. In particular, we’ve helped build QIOT, a new secure and scalable cloud platform which can handle many devices from verticals such as home automation, fleet tracking, alarm systems, tank monitoring, and supply chain optimization.

QIOT supports industry-standard communication protocols including MQTT and REST, and allows other devices to be easily integrated into the platform.


Moove It - a long term innovation partner

Over the years, Moove It’s work with QuantumIOT partners has focused on creating and maintaining many innovations that provide solutions to the challenges faced by several industries, such as healthcare, oil and gas, and networking. With our wide-ranging expertise in many technologies, Moove It is able to apply the best technology to each of these challenges, ensuring the best fit and efficiency. Some of the technologies used range from Java, Ruby, Rails, and Node on the backend, to Javascript, AngularJS, ReactJS, and React Native on the frontend.

As a result, companies have the tools they need to innovate, respond to customer demand, and maintain their competitive edge.

Moove It is committed to equipping businesses with the innovative technologies they need in order to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Our partnership with QuantumIOT is just one way we are doing this.

Projects built with power

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BIG data & business decisions

Moove It helped develop QuantomIOT’s industrial-grade SaaS-based platform, QIOT. This platform is built on a type of architecture that separates functions into microservices, i.e., small components that can run independently. It also exposes standards-based ingestion, data analytics, stream computing, machine learning, and data lake services– a centralized repository to store your data without having to structure it.

Our work on QIOT has important implications for businesses: through the platform, users have access to a wide range of analytical tools that allow them to aggregate and process BIG data which support critical business decisions.


"Moove It is a great partner: They are committed to best practices, test driven development and managing the demand of resources. From the leadership on down, Moove It acts like we’re all in it together, that we are all part of the same team, which is helpful, because they are as committed as we are to the customer’s experience."

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