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We help healthcare organizations disrupt the traditional healthcare space through innovative approaches in Telemedicine, Preventive Care, MobileHealth, and software integration into medical devices.
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Our expertise in custom healthcare software

We have been developing custom software solutions for healthcare organizations with the highest security and development standards since our foundation in 2006. This expertise includes helping companies build software that is HITRUST and HIPAA compliant, ensuring you meet all necessary privacy, regulatory and compliance requirements.

hippa compliant certification

Telehealth applications

Moove It works alongside healthcare startups to provide healthcare solutions to different kinds of healthcare providers and organizations.

telehealth applications for organizations, hospitals and clinics - Moove It

Our Telemedicine solutions cover secure video streaming platforms, store and forward technologies with the latest security standards, real time treatment review, scheduling modules, and more.

API integration
Video streaming

Mobile Health Applications

Our experienced team of UX/UI designers and mobile developers bring the best usability standards to the industry.

Moove It provides healthcare mobile app development to a wide variety of organizations, including healthcare institutions and healthtech startups. Moove It makes it simple to access patient data, all while being cross-platform functional.

Mobile Health Applications for doctors - Moove It

By allowing patients access to features such as tracking health measurements, accessing their medical records, setting medication and appointment reminders, secure conferences and interchange messages, Moove it’s UX/UI designers are making sure user centered design is front and center.

API integration
Engagement Behaviour

Store and forward technologies

Management system and software for healthcare - Moove It

We set up the secure infrastructure that is necessary to capture, store, and transmit patient information; -EMR- it’s key.

Our solutions and services being secure is one of our top priorities. Our team works with the latest security standards and technologies that ensure the most secure and cutting edge management of sensitive data.

Backend infrastructure
Server monitoring
Database administration
Secure Protocols

Patient Engagement Platforms for Hospitals, Clinics and Organizations

We have experience building tools that focus on identifying the patient's healthcare needs.

Patient Engagement Platforms - Moove It

Our healthcare developers are able to clearly visualize and act based on the patients’ needs and see opportunities to improve the management software, and overall the patients service, along with a strong adherence to the treatment.

API integration
Video streaming

Prescribe Wellness

Making evolution in the complexity of pharmacies possible.

healthcare pharmaceutical software - Moove It

Moove It partnered with PrescribeWellness’ in-house development team to develop a sustainable strategy that facilitated not only a robust platform to support thousands of daily users, but also a fast go-to-market and the ability to iterate speedily in response to changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is healthcare software development?

Healthcare software developers create mobile and web applications for medical professionals and their patients. Software developers create solutions such as patient portals, and other medical software that allows medical professionals to access medical records and patient data in a secure manner.

What software is used in healthcare?

Software is increasingly being used more and more in Healthcare. From EHR/EMR, to user self-service software for scheduling appointments, reviewing historical data and communicating with their doctor. It also includes third party interactions between hospitals, clinics, labs and insurance companies. Additionally, with technological innovation we’re having a slew of new devices and wearables become available to the general public. We have many new health monitoring wearables and even more complex systems like heart monitoring, automatic insulin pumps and more. Software is needed to drive and connect all these, and as more innovation comes along, software will only continue growing more in the future.

How do you make healthcare software?

In order to make healthcare software, developers need to define certain critical elements first. Healthcare developers need to first identify whether they are building software for hospitals, doctors, or patients. There are a lot of different elements that are needed in healthcare software development such a customer relationship management system (CRM), accessible patient portals, and custom healthcare software development that safely and securely holds all patient data and medical records.

What are medical software applications?

Medical software applications are designed to do a wide range of functionalities. Healthcare development companies develop products that perform care delivery, interact with a patient’s body and even access all sorts of patient data on cross platforms.

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