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We build beautiful mobile applications

Our Mobile Studio specializes in building scalable and maintainable mobile applications which deliver great user experiences. We create and deliver these applications to target a range of devices, from smartphones, to smart TVs and cars.

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Moove It's Mobile Studio

Our studio has built stunning mobile applications for some of the world’s best known brands by combining our deep agile development experience with design and user interface expertise.

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We typically work as a plugin to our client’s organizations, bringing talented professionals, the latest software, state-of-the-art tools and methodologies - and then work side-by-side to bring the application to life.

Our Services

Building applications from scratch

We specialize in knowing our customers’ target market. We take the time to develop a deep understanding of your product, and develop the strategy to take it to market. We’ll prioritize to build your minimum viable product (MVP).

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Our team will design your product so it is scalable and easy to maintain. By teaming up with Moove It’s Design Studio, we’ll create a great experience, and look and feel to the application.

Application testing, review and maintenance

If you already have a mobile application, but want to improve its performance or user experience, we’re ready to help.

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From lowering the percentage of crashes, to accelerating the development process to implement new features, our team is able to jump into the code and come up with a set of recommendations and strategies for solving those pain points.

Open beta testing

We offer organizations an additional option for testing their mobile apps - open beta testing.

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Here your application will be available to a specific audience segment, so you can see exactly how they are using and engaging with the application. We’ll then refine the application prior to full market launch.

Do you need a team to maintain your application?

If you’re looking for mobile application maintenance, we can do that. We’ll start with a full review. We belive in the importance of strong foundations, so we'll propose a specific strategy for your product and its future development.

A part of your team

Do you already have a team but need guidance or leadership? Or perhaps you want to bring in a new perspective or developers with specific skills.

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We’re experienced in working with different teams. We adapt quickly, by getting to know the product and its main characteristics. On the technical side, we understand different development and tool processes, so we can quickly adapt to your way of doing things and your methodologies.

Marketing and app store positioning

One of the most important parts for ensuring the success of your mobile app is getting it into your customers’ cell phones.

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Our Mobile Studio will provide you with a dedicated marketing plan, as well as best practices to ensure it is positioned highly in the app stores.

Consultancy and mentoring

Do you need to improve your technical processes? As a top mobile app development company, we can bring together a wide variety of experts who’ll review your development processes and then either advise on improvements or build a new strategy.

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There can be situations where your team needs to improve certain skills. Here, we provide a team of mentors that can guide your team with their technical capabilities and help build their knowledge and expertise.

Our philosophy

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Play and improve

Technology never stops moving and neither do we. Our team imbues passion. Passion for software, and passion for creating teams that work together. We purposefully set aside time to experiment with the latest technologies and methodologies to make sure we are at the forefront of the latest developments.

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Sharing and growth

Our studio comprises people with a strong software engineering background. Learning and investigating is our motivation, but sharing and making the team grow at the same time as we grow as individuals is what moves us. As a studio, we set clear objectives for the team to grow both in size and in quality.

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Your product is our product

We care about what we build. Our developers have a strong feeling of ownership of what they construct. With an incisive way of seeing things, the team cares about how we do what we do, and the impact on the process.

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Make it scalable and maintainable

We want products to be a success. So it’s important they are built in a way that adding new features, or changing existing ones, doesn’t represent a problem. Our core team designs solutions that suit each business case, and our engineers are trained to be loyal to our main principle of quality over quantity.

Start your mobile journey

Planning and analysis

For many of our clients, we start our mobile journey by getting to know the product, the idea behind it, and the stakeholders who will be using it.


After understanding your intention and your vision, we team up with our Product and Design Studios to create the design for your user interface.

Once you’ve validated the use cases and mock-ups, and they are planned with suitable dates, it’s build time!


We follow agile methodologies for the development cycle, and you’ll be closely involved in this process.

We care about the user experience and application performance - for that, we follow a specific approach for testing and continuous integration/continuous deployment.

Implementation, testing, and maintenance

We not only build, but also check what we build is working correctly.

To do this we integrate maintenance into our build cycle, thus taking care that what we’ve already built continues to work correctly. We continue to improve the code and performance while we continue in the process.

Documentation and setting the stage for the future

All our important technical decisions are documented, and we focus on discussing key decisions as a team, always seeing the big picture.

The code follows our best practices and a common style. At the end of your mobile journey, we provide a set of documented code, architecture and project structure documentation, as well as documentation about how all the system works.

Success stories

Bringing the love for books back

Vooks pushes children to learn from a new perspective - reading combined with animation and interactive content!

Vooks app

When we started working together with Vooks, we needed to come up with a solution that included as many operating systems as possible, as well as different devices. Based on this, our team created an application that can be executed on both iOS and Android by building it in React Native, with our base template designed not only for mobile devices and tablets, but for Android and Apple TV too.

We’re continuing to maintain the system with the latest technologies that add value, like the ability to cast videos and provide multi-language options.

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MapRight creates impressive maps and templates that enable people to explore large stretches of land. It was essential to create a powerful user experience across different mobile platforms.

Mapright app

Our Mobile Studio built the native application both for Android and iOS from scratch, following the Mobile Studio journey. When we started the project, hybrid technologies weren't as solid as they are currently, and map usage was not what it is today.

Following this decision, we built MapRight in native technologies. Our team has been improving the applications over the years keeping them up to date with the latest stable technologies and following an MVVM architecture in both platforms.

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BCP Bolivia is one of the most important financial institutions in Latin America.

BCP app

Our Mobile Studio has been a partner of BCP Bolivia for many years, and we’ve worked together to create an app that has been recognized as one of the best banking apps in the country. More than one million transactions per month are conducted via the mobile bank channel with transaction volume reaching US $120 million in 2021, reflecting 83% growth compared to 2020.

We have been part of the different changes that the application has needed over time to keep ahead of changes in design and technology. We updated the design of the application, while also focusing on coding standards. We worked with a clean MVP architecture in both native applications to help ensure we can continue to adapt as the market changes.

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Our Mobile Studio specializes in building scalable and maintainable mobile applications which deliver great user experiences.
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