The Moove It Pledge 1%

Every year we will donate 1% of the company profits to good causes. An internal committee composed by of a group of Moove It’s employees will determine how the fund will be allocated.
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Improving people’s lives

Our mission statement celebrates 15 years:
“Our cause is to enable innovation in organizations, building software products that truly improve people’s lives.”
Improving people’s lives was always an important part of our philosophy, not only by delivering great software to organizations that have a positive impact on society, but also by working side-by-side and investing along with non-profits that are focused on improving the realities of vulnerable groups in different areas like education and basic needs.
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Why make this program public?
We decided to make this program public for two main reasons: we want to be more visible to organizations looking for help and we would like to inspire companies to adopt a similar approach.
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1% + employee direct collaboration
We are proud to say that Moove It employees have been collaborating directly in most of the initiatives by donating time and/or money, adding in that way room for more initiatives.
Children and Youths
Improving the quality of life and education of the youth is our main driver. Besides that, our program has been helping adults and families in general especially by supporting winter campaigns.
Helping young talent through the Julio Ricaldoni Scholarship.
We endorse academic scholarships based on dedication and merit within the “Technology Startup Program for the Support of Computer Engineering Education” program. The aim of the scholarship is to promote the study of technology degrees, collaborating with students who have an outstanding academic performance.
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Supporting Ánima: an innovative educational program focused on vulnerable youths.
Moove It participates as a training company for Anima Bachillerato Tecnológico, enabling its students to be in touch with a company where they can practice and learn. We receive two students every year, who learn about new technologies and get familiarized with our working process.
We have been supporting Anima’s strategic plan and since 2019 our CTO, Martin Cabrera, has joined as one of the directors of the institution. Learn more about this experience.
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Fun Fact:
one of our interns, who began her practice at Moove It three years ago, continues to be part of our team and is thriving in the company. We aim to continue adding new talent from Anima to our projects!
Giving basic-need baskets through CanastasUY.
Moove It collaborated with CanastasUY, a non-profit organization that channels the donations from companies and individuals to support vulnerable families with food baskets in different parts of the country.
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Toys and school supplies for low-income families through “Caif Kin Tin Tan”.
This year we've launched a Children's Day campaign. This campaign consisted of donating clothes and toys to children between the ages of 2 and 3 years from the Kin Tin Tan institution, an organization that cares for underprivileged children.
During the campaign, we worked alongside the teachers, in order to meet the institution's needs and get everything the children needed for the school year.
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Working with Forge Foundation encouraging technology courses.
Moove It started working with the institution in 2009, encouraging technology courses and teaching a Java Programming course. Over the years we carried out five editions of what is called "Open Moove It", where we invite Forge students and graduates to the office, so they can get to know the Moove It team members, and our working process. In 2016 we worked alongside the institution to generate a new course of "Ruby Programming", and we continue to be partners today.
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Fun Fact:
we’ve hired and worked with extraordinary talent since we started our relationship with the foundation. During the ten years, we have witnessed the remarkable transformation of Forge talent into highly respected members of our company!
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"Moove it was a key partner. Forge was just beginning, and we needed people who believed in the process… They gave us a vote of confidence".
Andrea Sapolita
former executive director
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Giving talks and workshops in UTEC.
Our CTO, Martin Cabrera, has been in charge of a presentation called "Opportunities and challenges of IT distribution" at UTEC Durazno, which was aimed at students and graduates from technology courses and degrees.
Furthermore, a webinar was held in 2020 for students in the early years of technology courses about "Our Experience with North American Customers".
Cooperating with Los Pinos in the “Casavalle Despega” event.
We participated in the T - minus ø "Casavalle Despega". It is a preparatory event in the framework of the Space Apps Challenge, the hackathon organized by NASA worldwide– in which students, programmers, scientists, designers, and various technology enthusiasts analyze data offered by NASA, to address real world problems on earth and in space. At the event, Moove It collaborators gave a workshop on T-minus and shared their experiences and learning about the Product Discovery process.
Casavalle despega project
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Collaborating with programming courses in UTU.
Over the years, our engineers have given several workshops to UTU students, starting with the Ruby for Beginners course, creating a close relationship with the organization. We have also carried out multiple editions of "Open Moove It" where we invited the UTU students to our office, to know more about our work culture.
Application to support waste management
Moove It worked with the Socio-Environmental program of El Abrojo, which aims to promote sustainable socio-environmental development processes, in an original and committed way.
We support the development of an environmental management and monitoring system, which aims to provide a system for the classification and collection of waste by offering online mapping for this task. The project consists of an internal system and a public website, where information on waste recycling and its subsequent transformation can be accessed. Currently, it is in its pilot phase, waiting to be able to start territorial work with the classifiers.
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Organizations we partnered with
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Are you part of a non-profit organization in Education or Uncovered Basic Needs?
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