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Bringing preventive health services to workspaces

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According to research, eight out of 10 Americans are not receiving the preventive care they should.

As a result, early identification of many chronic diseases, like diabetes and hypertension, is not happening. The diseases often progress to a stage where complex and expensive treatment is needed. However, when a disease is identified and treated early, the outcomes are better and the cost of care is less.

For most people, cost and time considerations are the main factors preventing them from seeking preventive care. It is not unusual to lose up to half a work day when visiting the doctor and going to labs.

Given the seriousness of this problem, Catapult Health set out to reduce the time and cost of preventive checkups by creating a seamless, technology-driven solution that gives patients access to preventive care without losing precious work hours. And because of its advanced technological expertise, Moove It was brought on board to help achieve this goal.

Healthcare through technology

Catapult Health is a national healthcare practice that brings preventive checkups to worksites at about half the cost compared to in-office checkups. Working directly with employers, Catapult Health uses a mobile lab equipment set up on employers’ premises to conduct tests and facilitate clinical consultations for patients without the need to visit a doctor’s office.

Catapult Health approach:

Patients first have their blood tested and analyzed, using a NASA-developed blood analyzer which provides immediate results instead of the usual hours-long wait. Following the blood analysis, patients then have a remote video consultation with a licensed and board-certified Catapult Health Nurse Practitioner (NP) via a secure video link. The NP reviews the assessment privately with each patient and develops an action plan to address existing health risks and diagnoses.

Not only has this procedure eliminated the need for employees to travel for a typical checkup, it has significantly reduced the time to about 30 minutes, instead of the usual half-day. The result is greater productivity for workers and significant cost savings for the employer.


"We were looking for resources with high level of skills, that are very good strategically as well as tactically, and that’s what we found with Moove It. Our team here doesn’t think of Moove It as a third party contractor but as a part of our team."

David Michel Picture
David Michel President & CEO Catapult Health

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Benefits of the program

From a health perspective, those patients who had checkups with Catapult Health have seen significantly better health results from these preventive measures. A major Southern Texas employer has seen an overall increase in their employees’ health including:

reduction in Metabolic Syndrome
Reduction in Pre-Diabetes
reduction in Severe Hypertension
improvement in their employees having a local Primary Care Provider

Stronger processes and increased stability with Moove It

As this program relies heavily on technology, Catapult Health brought in Moove It to help strengthen its processes and increase the stability of its patient‑facing applications. Both parties already enjoyed a good working relationship, since they had worked together on a previous project, our software development company began working with Catapult Health’s in‑house software development team in January 2017 to achieve the initial objectives, and once that was done, the two teams began to comprehensively re-engineer the core applications, including architecture, design, and infrastructure.

A strong distributed team

Over time, the Moove It team integrated into Catapult Health’s in-house team and as communication improved, both teams eventually became one single, unified team. Moove It’s quality assurance processes, such as code review and testing practices, were adapted to suit Catapult Health’s needs, and this increased the overall quality and stability of the product.


Catapult Health technology ecosystem

Moove It created applications, such as the Patient Editor, also for Catapult Health’s internal use. This application, which manages changes to patient information, significantly reduces the amount of time employees spend manually dealing with changes or fixes to patient information one by one. The application also tracks when changes were made and by whom, ensuring traceability and accountability for patient information.

Similarly, Moove It built specific healthcare software to automate the flow of data imports and exports in Catapult's system, replacing large swathes of processes that were previously buried in the database itself.

Moove It played a major role in recreating the application for the Remote Consultation software. This application has one of the biggest impacts on patients’ experience with the on-site preventive care program.

Catapult health end

At Moove It, we believe that technology is a force for good; our focus is to keep working with companies like Catapult Health and PrescribeWellness to make a real, positive impact on people’s lives through innovative technology.

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