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Our team is comprised of enthusiastic technologists who love bringing real solutions to clients’ problems, stemming from a deep understanding of client markets, solutions, and visions.

With expertise gained from working in challenging environments for over 10 years, our talented engineering team brings in‑depth knowledge of the latest technologies, a strong grasp of market dynamics, and a solid understanding of clients’ visions for every project. This enables us to deliver the highest-quality digital transformation services and software solutions to every project, using our proven processes and best practices.


Web Development

We combine strong domain knowledge with technology expertise to build and maintain the best web applications for clients, whether the need is for B2B or B2C audiences.

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of application types – from Single Page Applications (SPAs) which we develop with ReactJS or AngularJS, to quick prototyping and mid-level web applications using Ruby on Rails, and full enterprise level applications using Java.

Combined with expert knowledge in CSS3 and HTML5, our team is equipped to make your application look elegant and provide a slick user experience.

Mobile Development

We help clients connect their ideas with the right audiences, developing high-impact mobile apps that people love to use. With a precise combination of processes and tools, we deliver secure, efficient, and usable iOS and Android applications on-time and on-budget.

Our expertise spans multiple technologies and architectures. We use Objective-C and Swift to build iPhone and iPad mobile apps, and Java or Kotlin to build Android products. For some specific cases we also use React Native that allows us to build mobile apps faster by using the same codebase for both, iOS and Android devices. All of our mobile products are backed up by secure, scalable and reliable RESTful APIs.

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Platform Development

Building high‑performance platforms that process high traffic loads within a reasonable time is one of our core specialties, and we have loads of experience building such platforms for the banking industry and the Internet of Things.

With the variety of tools available, our starting point is always an evaluation of the environment so we can make the best decision about the best tool for each need. Ruby, Java, and NodeJS are our go-to tools on the backend. Ruby and NodeJS provide great flexibility and quick prototyping ability, while Java provides great enterprise tools to create robust systems that process information at high speeds.

For any backend web service, other key tools include Nginx as a reverse proxy which we prefer to use regardless of the language-specific server running behind it. For Java services, our preference is for Tomcat and Wildfly. For Ruby‑based applications, we have experience using Unicorn, Mizuno, Puma, and Passenger. In the case of NodeJS, we typically go with Express, Koa, Hapi, or Sails.

For straight database storage, we typically work with MySQL and Postgres. We like to leverage Elastic Search for increased searching speed and Amazon S3 for high asset availability. In addition, the communication with and between the backend services will often be handled by caching or queueing tools such as Memcached, Redis, and ActiveMQ.

DevOps and Cloud

Our skilled DevOps team creates the infrastructure for any project our development team works on. Ranging from a simple web server for a landing page, to setting up email services and high availability auto‑scaling infrastructures leveraging Cloud Computing.

We work with standalone or virtualized servers including on-premises scenarios. Regardless of the environment, we embrace automation as one of the key aspects of a great operation. As the early‑warning system that automation offers goes a long way in identifying issues quickly, it gives us the opportunity to address them before problems develop. Automated scaling is also perfect for dealing with traffic bursts, spinning up new servers, or shutting them down as required.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning is one of the key ways of achieving AI, which enables us to visually recognize faces and objects, identify user segments, predict user actions, and make recommendations.

Our team is also experienced in Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logics, Supervised and Unsupervised algorithms, and Neural Networks.


In our software development company We are constantly analyzing, and incorporating new technology that enable us to be more efficient solving human problems. If your technology is not being listed in this place, we suggest you to contact us and talk with one of our experts.

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Knowledge is power, share it

We’ve built a lot of successful projects using open source technology. Developing Open Source libraries is one of the ways to give back to the community.

React Super Modal
An opinionated React modals library based on UX patterns and principles aimed for simplicity.
The Ruby Simple Exception Notification (a.k.a Rusen) gem provides a simple way for logging and sending errors in any ruby application.
Angus is a REST-like API framework which fits perfectly with Ruby. It is based on rack, so it can be used to complement an existing app or as standalone service to easily develop RESTful APIs.
Ruy defines an easy-to-learn language which allows users to declare context-driven conditional expressions.
Sidekiq Scheduler
Sidekiq-scheduler is an extension to Sidekiq that adds support for running scheduled. Scheduled jobs are like cron jobs, recurring on a regular basis.
Fakeit generates realistic fake data — like names, emails, dates, countries — to be used in your Android development environment. It can be used in a variety of scenarios, including automated testing and database population.

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