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Using data to help people discover their passion and their career

Over a million students, in thousands of school districts across the US, have used YouScience’s data-driven platform to identify hyper-personalized learning pathways.

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Career path

For most middle and high school students, deciding what careers to pursue are usually shaped by parental influence, family tradition, social and cultural conventions, and personal perceptions about a particular profession. Even when they seek career guidance, many young people still end up choosing paths that do not necessarily line up with their aptitudes and personal interests. This is because tools typically used to give career guidance are often incomplete and superficial.


Connecting skills and knowledge

YouScience set out to fix this situation by giving students the ability to choose the right career pathways, based on objective assessments of their aptitudes and interests. While this may sound like the personality tests administered in some workplaces and schools, YouScience is completely different. YouScience is based on a scientifically proven algorithm that reveals each student’s natural abilities in skills needed for high‑demand careers and provides recommendations for colleges.

Students take aptitude‑driven brain game assessments, the algorithm processes the results and the website then provides information about the student’s profile, as well as a list of careers that best match the students’ aptitudes and interests. Some states have signed contracts with YouScience to allow students to take the assessment and receive objective career recommendations for free.

Technical expertise anchored on well-defined User Stories

The development, implementation, and ongoing success of such a program requires advanced technological capabilities. Moove It has been providing technological expertise since February 2015, when we partnered with YouScience. The YouScience team oversees strategic business and product decisions, while Moove It is responsible for the technical aspect, which is being in charge of building and maintaining the product.

Both teams are mindful of the disconnect that often occurs in typical outsourcing relationships, whereby product decisions are disconnected from the technical state-of-the-art of the system, causing inefficiencies in the development process. To avoid this, we helped connect and establish an efficient feedback loop between the product and technical teams. The YouScience product development team constantly gathers feedback from students, counselors, parents, and other significant beneficiaries.This feedback feeds into our development process, ensuring product and UX/UI design decisions are based on real user needs.

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Supporting schools with data and analytics

As an additional service, YouScience offers a reporting and data analytics tool that gives school counselors and Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) directors insights into their students’ aptitudes and interests, so that they can better guide them. This data analytics and reporting tool also allows Technical Colleges to reach out to student audiences that better fit their career opportunities.

Moove It was responsible for the architecture, design, and implementation of the reporting and data analytics tool from scratch, and YouScience continues to rely on Moove It to provide the expertise needed to address the technical demands associated with its implementation. These include extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) meaningful data from the system’s transactional database into a separate database optimized for analytics and report generation.

"YouScience has used Moove It as our primary development outsource partner for the past few years. We executed significant development projects and have done routine maintenance in every area of our technology. The Moove It team is high service, technically competent, and easy to communicate with. The Moove It team has worked very hard to operate as an integrated part of our product development team and company as a whole."

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Philip Hardin CEO, YouScience

Moove It enables foundations for scalability

Moove It has been key in helping YouScience quickly deliver new functionality while maintaining a high product quality. Our development team is trained to understand the product’s vision and overarching goals. We believe in giving the developer enough contextual information about the client and the product being developed so that they can quickly detect detours from the main plan and give advice accordingly. This also helps the project team communicate effectively and reduces the possibility of misinterpretations.

Moove It helps YouScience make smart architecture decisions and choose the right tools for an efficient product development. Similarly, we help YouScience keep up to date with new technology tendencies and security updates. For example, with the industry migrating from Angular to React, Moove It is providing its knowledge and expertise on both paradigms, in order to ensure YouScience makes a smooth transition.

With YouScience’s customer base growing fast and expected to grow exponentially in the coming months, Moove It is preparing the YouScience system’s foundations for scalability, ensuring that it is able to cope with the increased demand.

Projects built with power

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Unique service to revolutionize career choices

Through this innovative tool, YouScience is empowering students and schools to navigate the challenging area of career choice with ease and greater accuracy than was possible before. Moove It is proud to be an integral part of this, knowing that our expertise is helping to lay a foundation for a happier and more fulfilled generation of students who are guided to the right career opportunities.

Our goal is to keep working with innovative organizations, such as YouScience, that use technology to change society for the better.

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