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Moove It’s Site Reliability Engineering Studio

Emerging from DevOps, cloud computing, and agile methodologies, site reliability engineering (SRE) represents the next stage in managing complex enterprise technology environments.

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With automation at its core, it provides the basis for organizations to more quickly and reliably release software, all the while having the metrics and ability to monitor application performance.

Our Services

End-to-end cloud architectures

Our SRE Studio is ready to accelerate your cloud journey, providing the strategic roadmap to bring together both a cloud based backend, together with a cloud delivery model.

With infrastructure-as-code we automate infrastructure provisioning, following software engineering practices such as testing and versioning, creating a consistent and repeatable environment. We use numerous tools, in particular Terraform and AWS CloudFormation.

Cloud migration services

A smooth migration to cost-effective cloud platforms will have both immediate and long-term benefits for your business.

These range from improved scalability and flexibility, platform and application modernization, as well as the ability to meet specific security and compliance objectives.

We have expertise with all major cloud providers.

Cloud architecture audits

If you recognize your organization has issues in your technology environment, but are unsure of the right approach to fix them, we provide a dedicated auditing service.

We’ll provide an integrated evaluation of your environment, development process, and even your culture - assessed against industry best practices and our own experience. We then provide guidance and a specific roadmap for improvement.

DevOps and SRE as part of your team

If you’re looking for additional capabilities or specific skills, our SRE studio provides an as-a-service model.

We’ll provide support for building and maintaining your technology infrastructure based on your guidelines - while also being supported by the embedded experience of the studio.

Our philosophy to building great software is based on four pillars

Play and improve

Technology never stops moving and neither do we. Our team imbues passion. Passion for software, and passion for creating teams that work together. We purposefully set aside time to experiment with the latest technologies and methodologies to make sure we’re at the forefront of latest developments.

Integrate everything

Our studio comprises people with a strong software engineering background. Knowing how developers think, means we can identify the tools and processes which enable software teams to automate and standardize as much as possible.

Automate, automate, automate

Our objective is to automate everything. This enables businesses to focus on what matters, while also having the agility to adjust to rapidly changing circumstances.

Make it safe and reliable

“Blameless post-mortems” are a key element of our strategy. They enable us to prevent repeat incidents and improve future responses. Meanwhile, to scale software reliably, we’re experienced in managing software environments with code - providing the repeatability and consistency that technology teams require.

Starting your SRE journey
Creating an assessment and implementation roadmap

SRE journey diagram

For many of our clients, we start their SRE journey with an intensive process in which we, along with your team, assess your current performance, best practices, and security standards.

We take this assessment data and create an implementation roadmap that includes a comprehensive plan to implement SRE across your environment.

The Site Reliability Engineering playground

SRE engineer

We love to research new tools and find ways to do things better.

Our playground is the space we have for R&D. It has been a huge source of improvements as we can experiment with using new tools, improve how we use existing ones, or discard those that are not ready for prime time.

Success stories

Mapright diagram

MapRight creates impressive maps and templates that enable people to explore large stretches of land.

One of the biggest challenges for mapping providers to deliver a great user experience is the complexity associated with integrating data from multiple map providers.

Our SRE studio ensured that the platform was reliable and could seamlessly integrate these different data sources.

The studio redesigned and refactored the original system, including transitioning to AWS, to speed up development and keep pace with increasing traffic and new front-end heavy features.

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tech diagram

Vooks is an innovative company whose platform uses animation to bring stories to life for children.

Doing this means the software needs to be intuitive and engaging. Our SRE studio helped overcome the technical challenges involving a platform able to handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, streaming content and with the ability to quickly scale up and down.

The studio was also responsible for migrating 1.5 million users from the original platform that was no longer fit for purpose.

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our studio?

As part of the SRE studio you’ll be taking responsibility for designing and implementing the tooling that engineers use to deploy and operate services for some of the best-known companies in the world.

We’re always looking for people with experience in Kubernetes, AWS, and infrastructure-as-code tools such as Terraform.

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