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We have helped enterprises build reliable and scalable Java platforms and web applications since 2005.


Reliable Java Development Company

Our experts not only are experienced Java engineers, but they are also senior architects that have extensive experience dealing with inherited code and enormous monoliths.

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Java Development

Our software engineers specialize in java application development and build web platforms that can be integrated with other frameworks, apps or languages.

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Project Assessment + roadmap

Along with your team, we assess your project in terms of performance, best practices, costs, and security standards. We also develop and execute an implementation roadmap based on the results of the assessment.

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Java support and maintenance

We don’t just build web and mobile applications, we launch apps, products, and platforms, while also maintaining and troubleshooting systems.

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Cloud migration

The AWS ecosystem is our ally. Their latest tools can transform your systems into more performant, scalable, and faulttolerant products. The best part is while performance scales, costs get reduced immediately.

Moove It services & keypoints

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Staff augmentation

Moove It works as a plugin to organizations, utilizing talented professionals, tools, and processes that are integrated smoothly into the company’s operations. We scale up development teams to accelerate development timelines and further enhance existing teams with Moove It’s best practices and experience.

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Legacy platforms

Legacy platforms are usually a part of the equation when it comes to maintaining or creating enterprise software products. We carefully evaluate each situation and help our clients maintain their legacy systems or assist in migrating them to new platforms.

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Microservice architectures

Based on our experience, microservices architectures help with the ease of scalability, fault isolation, and creating simplified components especially in an enterprise environment. This increases resilience and reduces startup times.

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Spring framework

Our experience working with Spring gives our team the power of building and maintaining complex Java Enterprise systems.

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XP, Scrum like methodologies

Our team has successful experience working with XP and Scrum like methodologies while creating java based applications. We like to maintain flexibility due to the fact that realities often differ and change over time. We integrate into our client’s methodologies and add value from there.

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Infrastructure and security

Our clients are often leaders in their industries and security requirements can be highly demanding. Moove It has developed extensive physical and logical security standards to ensure the security of the information flow and data in general.

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Custom system performance analysis
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Test and detect unique error points
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Architecture design assessment
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Cost reduction by integrating the latest tools
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Processes audit
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AWS tools implementation
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Integration tests

Our receipt for Java Consultancy: divide and conquer

Updating inherited legacy code is what we do. We perform an exhaustive system evaluation. We then work to divide systems; generating manageable and maintainable modules.
Code Review/Error detection
Once the performance has been audited, a deep code review is made. We analyze what programming language was used, evaluate the different flows, and look for vulnerabilities that might be causing speed or functional problems. Exhaustive error detection processes are run during this phase.
Plan + Implementation
After the assessment is complete and the systems have been deeply audited, we start working on a plan to get things moving to their ideal state. We provide consulting services, focus our work on each module, and work until they are released into production.

Our methodology in Java Development

java development company java development company

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Custom problems require custom strategies

We are technology enthusiasts at heart: one of the things that excites us the most is to investigate, learn, and test leading-edge technologies. We are also aware that the latest industry leading technology is not always the answer to every problem. We have learned when we should use state-of-the-art tech, and when not to.

Our experience working with leading global enterprises across many industries has taught us to apply the most precise solution strategy and software solutions to each problem.

Our clients speak highly about us

"Moove It has been an ideal partner with our business. Their ability to work within our budget, adjust to our ever-changing product development priorities, and provide innovative and thoughtful solutions has been a large part of our success."

Steve Roberson


"Moove It has been able to successfully deliver a top quality product in record time, while assisting us in other aspects of our business such as product development, marketing and branding."

Sebastian Romero


Catapult Health
"We were looking for resources with a high level of skills, that are very good strategically as well as tactically, and that's what we found with Moove It. Our team here doesn't think of Moove It as a third party contractor but as a part of our team."

David Michel


Partnerships beyond technology

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"Moove It is a great partner: They are committed to best practices, test driven development and managing the demand of resources. From the leadership on down, Moove It acts like we’re all in it together, that we are all part of the same team, which is helpful, because they are as committed as we are to the customer’s experience."

Steve Emmons
Partner, Quantum
Catapult Health
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"We were looking for resources with high level of skills, that are very good strategically as well as tactically, and that’s what we found with Moove It. Our team here doesn’t think of Moove It as a third party contractor but as a part of our team."

David Michel
President & CEO Catapult Health
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"Moove It has been an ideal partner with our business. Their ability to work within our budget, adjust to our ever-changing product development priorities, and provide innovative and thoughtful solutions has been a large part of our success."

Steve Roberson
Managing Partner, MapRight

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Java?

Java is a programming language and computing platform. It’s fast, secure, and reliable. It is a class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

What is the best tool for Java development?

The best tools according to our expert Java consultants are: IntelliJ, Maven, Spring Framework. These tools have all the necessary to build an integrated development. They offer a different set of tools for the most used frameworks and a lot of plugins with great support are available.

In what areas do Moove It have experience creating Java applications?

As a Java development company, our experts have worked with diverse clients and projects creating Java applications. Over the years we have gained experience developing with Java in various industries working with Streaming services, Crypto trading platform and Banking and BUS Transactions.

Does Moove It offer post-development support?

Yes. A big part of being Java consultants means that once the application is created or the development process ready, the work continues. We monitor that everything is not only working but achieving the objectives and succeeding at engaging the user. At Moove It we believe software development to be an ongoing process that doesn’t particularly end, it just gets better, more refined and more effective.

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