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Moove It's Quality Assurance Studio

Our Quality Assurance Studio plays a key role in creating powerful digital experiences. We architect, design, and implement sophisticated testing strategies. Our objective is to create digital happiness - when your customers simply enjoy using your digital products and services.

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Our services

Test automation

Test automation has become an essential component in order to release quality software faster.

test automatation

This is particularly the case when time is short or it’s necessary to deal with a large amount of data and test cases. We have extensive experience with test automation frameworks including Selenium and Cypress, as well as others.

Mobile and TV testing

We provide testing for mobile web, native, and hybrid applications, as well as for media devices, such as smart TVs.

mobile and TV testing

From testing an apps’ functionality, to its performance and stability in different environments (such as with low battery charge, or when a user’s phone has limited storage available), we provide the tools, knowledge and processes to ensure your mobile applications work as you want them to.

Load and performance testing

We perform automated tests to establish the stability of systems, typically with Apache JMeter. We create a suite of tests that simulate the usage of different amounts of concurrent users.


This is an essential service to ensure your software is ready to scale.

Documentation, analysis, and reporting

All too-often organizations don’t focus enough on creating a repeatable process for QA.


Our dedicated documentation and analysis service means we can provide personalized feedback on vulnerabilities and provide suggestions for enhancements.

In the early stages of development, we can break down and analyze user stories, providing analysis for improvements.

Agile testing

Our QA Studio works according to the principles of Agile development, which will provide your organization with speed and flexibility.

Agile testing

The studio has tried-and-tested processes for working in agile teams, such as the steps to take before, during and at the end of agile sprints. In particular this approach is highly valuable for front-end testing, such as for user interfaces, as well as driving enhancements for mobile testing.

Our testing philosophy

A laser-focus on quality

We build high quality solutions. That is the very core of our value proposition for your organization.

Transparency and communication

Our culture is transparent. We have close, personal relationships with our customers. If you experience an issue, we are immediately available.


We present specific testing plans adapted to our customer's needs. We recommend that the QA Studio is involved early on in your project, so we can run exploratory sessions, create the strategy and then build the test cases.

Tried and tested processes

We have established processes to provide a mature, consistent approach to software development and quality assurance. This provides reliability and consistency.

Success stories

Vooks is an innovative company whose platform uses animation to bring stories to life for children.

Vooks app

Doing this means the software needs to be intuitive and engaging.

Our Quality Assurance Studio (working alongside our SRE and Design Studios) partnered with Vooks, to test the new digital experience across a range of devices and platforms.

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MapRight creates impressive maps and templates that enable people to explore large stretches of land. It was essential to create a powerful user experience.

Mapright app

Our Quality Assurance Studio, together with other Moove It Studios, worked to create an intuitive and easy‑to‑use interface through which non‑professionals could create professional‑quality maps.

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