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Improving personal banking experiences


The way we bank has changed dramatically in the last decade. Most of that change has been made possible by advances in technology which enable consumers to access financial services through non‑traditional channels. At the same time, governments are relaxing rules to allow new forms of banking. As a result, demand for financial software development services has increased and digital platforms have become viable challengers to traditional banks. With more people adopting digital banking, the challenge for a software development company is that banks stay one step ahead, and we combat this by designing solutions that anticipate and respond to the banking needs of society.


Disrupting Paraguay's banking sector

Diversified financial services provider, Bancard, is at the frontline of this digital banking revolution in Paraguay, where rapid economic growth and technological innovation have had positive impacts on the financial ecosystem. With recent regulatory changes designed to improve access to financial services and formalize traditional money transfer systems, banks recognize that they must digitize if they are to compete with innovative financial startups offering digital solutions to Paraguayans.


"For us Moove It is not just a software provider, they are a trustworthy partner with high level technical knowledge that provides value through innovative technical solutions."

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Javier Martinez CTO, Bancard

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Moove It leads digital transformation at Bancard

Both parties realized that the success of such an endeavor required more than just developing digital products and tools; it also required a complete transformation of corporate culture and the adoption of a new, innovation-focused mindset.


Our team worked with Bancard to foster this change by helping the company develop the agility of a startup while shedding legacy systems and processes painlessly in favor of a seamlessly integrated, cloud-based approach. We provided targeted solutions that addressed the specific needs of all categories of clients – merchants, end-users, and banks.


We provided targeted solutions that addressed the specific needs of all categories of clients – merchants, end-users and banks.


Building a fintech ecosystem for all Paraguayans

One of Bancard’s initial goals was to become the biggest fintech environment in Paraguay, in which tech entrepreneurs could build their platforms. Today, that goal has been recognized; Bancard is no longer a financial institution tied to physical devices and services, but is the biggest fintech company in the country, fostering innovation nationwide.

Bancard is transforming the way Paraguayans access financial services and manage their own finances, and Moove It is proud to be a part of that. Our focus is to keep working with companies that make positive impacts on people’s lives through innovative technology.

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