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Starting in 2008, we began to use Ruby on Rails as our primary development language. This drove Moove It's transformation to being one of the worldwide leading providers of RoR web development services.

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Our Ruby on Rails experts bring you the talent, tools, and processes that we can then integrate smoothly into your operations. We’ve worked with organizations in various industries, such as entertainment, healthcare, IoT, education, finance, and real estate.

Our Ruby on Rails
development services

We provide various Ruby on Rails services depending on your organization’s unique needs.
Our teams have extensive experience working with XP and Agile methodologies. We also have mature quality oriented processes, such as continuous integration, peer code-reviews, and automated testing.


Ruby on Rails development services

Ruby has been our main development tool for more than 10 years. Our team has played an active role in the Ruby community, creating interesting open source gems and attending the most active conferences and meetups around the world. Ruby remains one of our favorite programming languages today. We have experience combining Ruby with other frameworks such as Angular and React.


Rapid prototyping and product development services

Ruby is an excellent language that enables fast prototyping - essential for getting software products to market quickly. Our experts are ready to help your business across the spectrum of designing, developing, and then maintaining world-class software products.


Ruby on Rails consulting services

Still deciding on the right approach for your software product? Our experts are ready to help you evaluate the benefits of using RoR compared to other web development frameworks such as Django and Sintara.


API development

APIs have become crucial for modern software applications. Our experts can help you build RoR based APIs and create a more mature API ecosystem.

Trusted by the tech experts of the world’s top companies

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“You are the best consultants I’ve ever worked with… not only focused on getting tickets done but engaged and interested in making an incredible product”

Jared Proske
Senior Software Development Lead
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“Moove It helped us increase our team's velocity and capacity. Moove It engineers were able to catch up with our project's complex architecture and successfully integrate with our full-time staff.”

Matt Gelbman
SVP, Software Engineering
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“Moove It has been an ideal partner with our business. Their ability to work within our budget, adjust to our ever-changing product development priorities, and provide innovative and thoughtful solutions has been a large part of our success.”

Steve Roberson
Managing Partner
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“Moove It had the right blend of agility and knowledge to handle large projects quickly and w/o heavy overhead.”

Michael Fay
VP Media Distribution
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“The team is composed of motivated and talented developers, who work to efficiently deliver excellent solutions.”

Annik Ragsdale
Senior Quality Engineer
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“Moove It has been able to successfully deliver a top quality product in record time, while assisting us in other aspects of our business such as product development, marketing and branding.”

Sebastian Romero

What makes us different?

We will integrate smoothly into your organization to tackle your needs to find and build powerful software solutions.


For over a decade we’ve been building apps and mobile software for companies ranging from those in the Fortune 500 to fast-growth start-ups. Our experience gives us the capability to build and integrate with your needs in a fast, professional and precise manner.



We develop applications using a set of tools and procedures that can be adapted to your unique needs; because we know every organization has different requirements and ways of working.



We become deeply involved in everything from the product, its target market, to the overall strategy and vision.



Our strong work ethics, values and principles are focused on creating strong long-term relationships. And thanks to our locations in North and South America, we can work side-by-side with your team, without any time difference.


Sustainable quality

Moove It built products are developed with the intention to retain their high quality as you scale your growth.

Sustainable quality

Partnerships beyond technology

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"Moove It is a great partner: They are committed to best practices, test driven development and managing the demand of resources. From the leadership on down, Moove It acts like we’re all in it together, that we are all part of the same team, which is helpful, because they are as committed as we are to the customer’s experience."

Steve Emmons
Partner, Quantum
Catapult Health
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"We were looking for resources with high level of skills, that are very good strategically as well as tactically, and that’s what we found with Moove It. Our team here doesn’t think of Moove It as a third party contractor but as a part of our team."

David Michel
President & CEO Catapult Health
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"Moove It has been an ideal partner with our business. Their ability to work within our budget, adjust to our ever-changing product development priorities, and provide innovative and thoughtful solutions has been a large part of our success."

Steve Roberson
Managing Partner, MapRight

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