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Data Modeling

Our data modeling services help businesses consume and interpret large amounts of data more easily, while also ensuring its accuracy and relevance.

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Data modeling is the next stage

Following the data ingestion, storage, and wrangling processes, it’s now time to model your data. It’s here that we’ll make the connections between different areas and sources, preparing it for the final stage: data intelligence.

Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your business requirements and goals, applying the appropriate business logics to your data to provide valuable insights and support informed decision-making.

Connect your data The links between your data tables may not be obvious every time.

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With our data connection service, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your data and how it relates to your business operations.

We identify and define relationships and connections between your data sources. We create customized mappings, bridges, and other solutions that enable us to establish logical connections and provide cohesion between different sources.

Define business areas in your data

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Your business and your data have different groups and stakeholders - whether marketing, sales, customer experience, finance, or HR. Each department generates a vast amount of data that requires proper grouping and management.

We'll manage these groupings and maintain the interactions between the groups in a way that makes it easy to identify solutions and insights, while also defining the appropriate security and responsibilities.

Remove redundancies

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When consuming data from different sources, redundancies can start appearing - in other words, data is defined many times in different sources.

This brings errors, problems with mapping the data, and a lot of maintenance work. We'll work with you to remove redundancies, define the source of truth and filter all your data by common keys across sources.

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