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Partnering with us means you’re partnering with an organization that has a track record of success in building custom solutions for the education sector.

Our edtech and education software development expertise

As a leading education software development company, we have the skills and experience to support the needs of educational institutions, innovative edtechs, and elearning organizations.

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For over 10 years, we have been delivering custom software solutions that combine digital and traditional learning methods.

Case study

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YouScience is a data-driven edtech platform that has been used by thousands of educators and millions of students across school districts in the US. They help identify their passions, then provide a personalized educational and career plan to help people live a fulfilling life.

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Our Services

Educational platform development

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Ensuring the success of your educational platform requires making informed technology choices that take into account your business needs. From digital certification to online learning management systems, our team is equipped to help you build a platform that is scalable, flexible, and reliable.

Digital learning and assessment platforms

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Whether for K12, higher education, or corporate training, we understand the importance of building a powerful platform to provide today’s digital learning and assessment requirements. Our team focuses on creating stand-out user experiences created with intuitive design.

Education software development services

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As more educational organizations turn to software and digital tools to complement traditional forms of learning, our software development experts are here to support the creation of new learning experiences, tools, and online education programs.

Product development for edtech streaming

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Drawing on our experience in building streaming platforms for leading media and entertainment companies as well as educational organizations, we have the expertise to create scalable streaming solutions for the edtech industry.

Data management, machine learning, and reporting and analytics

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Our Data Studio and Machine Learning Studio provide the expertise and capabilities to use data to improve educational experiences, such as by providing personalized content recommendations at scale or offering a more comprehensive view of students and their preferences.

Success stories

Bringing the love for books back

iPhone and Tablet running Vooks app

More than one million parents and teachers have trusted Vooks to provide a new way to engage children and help them with their reading skills. Here at Moove It we’ve worked together to build an intuitive and enjoyable online platform, able to handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent people streaming content. It’s available on phones, tablets, the web, while also downloadable from streaming platforms such as Apple TV.

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Building an edtech platform to transform recruitment

Iphones running EliteGrad app

After college, one of the most challenging experiences a young graduate faces is finding their first professional job. Moove It and EliteGrad partnered to transform recruitment, by building an innovative platform, for both the web and mobile, that was easy to use for students and hiring managers.

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