The technical challenges in building a scalable multi-device streaming platform

The technical challenges in building a scalable multi-device streaming platform

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  • Migrate from Vimeo white label to a new solution.
  • Migrate 1.5 million users.
  • Create a platform able to handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, streaming content and able to scale up and down.
  • Replace Vimeo frontend and backend.
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A streaming platform with a safe & curated library of animated storybooks kids love.

Over 1.5 million users Kid Safe Healthy Screen Time
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Storybooks brought to life!

Sometimes kids need a little educational entertainment that they actually love. Vooks blends the magic of children's books with captivating animated illustrations, thoughtful pacing, and read-aloud narration.

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Kids are fully engaged and love reading on Vooks. 94% of teachers say Vooks gets their students excited about reading.

Vooks is simply books delivered through a streaming app that helps kids learn from stories, develop language skills, social emotional learning and so much more.

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Vooks initially built their system on Vimeo's white label solution VHX. This came with some downsides and eventually the product outgrew the system and needed a new home.

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This design process guided the design team in improving flows and prevent the user from leaving the platform.

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First Milestone

Empathy helps the team understand the context, its users and their needs.

To follow up with ideation, move forward onto wireframing and implementation.

The first mission was to migrate off of VHX by creating a new platform.


This included migrating the payment methods, the content management & delivery, the backend platform and the front end user access which includes web browsers, TVs & mobile devices.

An important aspect of the transition was also to migrate the existing users.


This required detailed data analysis so nothing important was lost.

We successfully migrated 1.5 million users


We were also able to retain payment method information although it created numerous headaches due to obvious security issues and PCI compliance. But ultimately we were able to do it with some help from the guys at Stripe.

Vooks Design

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