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How our Design Studio and Vooks created an engaging streaming platform

How our Design Studio and Vooks created an engaging streaming platform

phone and tablet

This carefully curated, ad-free platform gives parents and teachers the peace of mind that their children are enjoying the highest level of quality screen time.

Vooks separates itself with slower-paced content that engages the child's mind to learn vocabulary, reading fluency, and life lessons while being endlessly entertained.

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The Challenge

Design an intuitive, user-friendly and engaging multi-device platform for three user groups

User Group A: Parents
User Group B: Kids
User Group C: Teachers

Achieve Vooks Experience in different devices:

Phone, Tablet, Laptop and TV

Laptop, tablet, and phone showing Vooks

The UI/UX design of Vooks was planned to be intuitive, attractive and engaging for 3 user groups: parents, kids, and teachers. A challenge for both the design and development teams, was to design for multiple devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs.

Maintain a consistent identity and construction across the platform

by building a powerful design system

Vooks design identity

Design systems are an essential tool for better and faster iterations within a project. Typography styles, color palette and a custom icon library are a few elements that help designers create consistent flows.

Each design element is built as a component to reduce potential errors in future use. Thus promoting a systematic approach that will speed up design and development processes.

Moove It badge

Main Objective

Increase the number of users to join the platform

Ipad running Vooks

Allow the user to relate and engage by enhancing the concept

“Storybooks brought to life”

Storybook characters are present throughout the experience across the platform. Some characters are combined with animated transitions to enhance the concept of storybooks brought to life. Icons also incorporate animations that help extend a more dynamic experience to all users.

blue and green monsters

Design a welcoming onboarding that promotes user engagement

2 phones showings Vooks' app pages

We understand first impressions matter. The onboarding was designed to welcome users with a clear message on the experience that Vooks has to offer. It was designed to create a welcoming encounter and promote user engagement with the universe of Vooks and its characters.

🙂 Promote user engagement
green horned monster

Create a customizable experience

2 phones showings Vooks' app pages

Users are encouraged to personalize their profiles to maximize their experience. Users can edit their profile, choose their favorite avatar, create custom filters and select their interests to access the desired content.

👶 Account options offers even more editing capabilities for parents.
various Vooks app pages

Second Objective

Increase the number of returning users by improving flows and adding features

Moove It workflow

Follow a methodology that places the user in the center of the design process

Empathy helps the team understand the context, its users and their needs. To follow up with ideation, move forward onto wireframing and implementation.

yellow monster

This design process guided the design team in improving flows and prevent the user from leaving the platform.

Third Objective

Transform users into brand ambassadors by attending to their needs and responding with solutions

Vooks mobile audio menu

New features, new customers: Multi-language capabilities to expand borders

Broadening the spectrum of language capabilities will provide the opportunity to increase the number of users to join the platform.

Vooks mobile subtitles menu

Teachers as influencers: Incorporate Pause and Ponder feature to facilitate educational moments

This feature focuses and addresses mainly user-group C: Teachers. This will promote user engagement on both the educational and entertainment pillars that Vooks has to offer.

Vooks mobile pause and ponder menu

Last but not least

Transfer the experience to the different communication channels. Communicate why the product matters, how it works, and what it is.

Vooks Technical Challenge

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