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The Recipe for Succeeding
How did Hulu succeed at understanding what the preferences, needs, and pain points of people around the world are? When they watch their movies, their favorite series, live cable, and video‑on‑demand services? The answer is by enabling a real‑time, computer-assisted data analysis system supporting critical decision making processes across the company.
The body
Previous to being acquired, mainly by Disney, Hulu travelled down a long road before evolving into a data-driven company. They had a platform ingesting video streaming data from their users. Data such as tracking user interactions with the product, which users have received the “are you still watching?” prompt (and for how long), as well as system errors. All of this data fed a variety of internal automated systems and Business Intelligence (BI) tools designed to help stakeholders from different departments make decisions.
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Having too many sources of truth made it difficult for the company to build a coherent real time narrative of events, slowing down their ability to react quickly– either directly (e.g. by creating a marketing campaign for a specific audience), automatically (e.g. by shutting down user sessions that didn’t answer the aforementioned prompt on time), or just simply learning from its customers in order to better adapt to an ever changing business environment.
In order for Hulu to connect its body (e.g. the internal mechanisms that ingest and process ‘sensorial’ data coming from user interactions) with its brain (human and automated decision making), they promoted an innovative transformation within the company.
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Hulu utilized Moove It’s software development services to succeed in its goal of turning itself into a datadriven company.
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The Spinal Cord
The first step towards building a centralized single source of truth was to connect the data feed and processed information coming from many sources into a usable data portal that visualized valuable data for upper management.
A team of Moove It backend engineers integrated with the internal Hulu team to develop a custom ETL process that extracts (E) the data from the sources, transforms (T) it in a way that could be queried and analyzed, and loads (L) it into the final database that sources the data portal.
The Nerves
Internal stakeholders from different departments consuming various data analytics needed to be notified about events related to areas of the company they are accountable for.
Our devs worked closely with the Hulu team to design and develop a notification mechanism that keeps decision makers in the loop via email, Slack, Jira, and as well through data portal. It was designed for extensibility; to be utilized across the company, across many platforms, web, and mobile clients.
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The Brain
Imagine an ultra-fast stream of data bits coming from different sources. Each bit contains information about an event that has just happened in the system. For example, information that a user has stopped the movie soon after it started, that someone received a 500 error, or that a TV show has been played 45 million times plus one.
In order to make sense out of the gigabytes of this user-centric time stamped sensorial data, Moove It partnered with Hulu to build an internal system that groups semantically-related information into indicators that are valuable to stakeholders in different company departments. For example, marketing might be interested in play counters broken down by audience type. These indicators help departments and people within the organization react to change, analyze trends, make long term decisions, and much more.
Technology Stack
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Managers are Humans
Hulu’s UX and UI designers understand that design and aesthetics are an integral part of generating and communicating insights across an organization. Difficult to use systems where data is hard to find in a timely fashion do not get utilized. It is critical to make the design align with the goal of providing timely data at the right time.
Moove It’s frontend engineers who built the data portal are adept at creating engaging UX and UI artifacts, like user flow diagrams, service blueprints, and other carefully crafted design interactions.
API Integrations
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Why Moove It?
These are just a few examples of the benefits that we provide day in and day out to our customers.
Clients like Hulu, Disney Streaming Services, and OneSignal praise us for our:
  • Consultative approach
  • Seamless integration into their internal teams and processes
  • Ability to understand and relate to their problems
  • Diverse talent pool and specialized teams
  • Capacity to reconcile existing systems with current industry technology standards
  • Strong and consistent commitment to quality

What our client says about us

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“You are the best consultants I’ve ever worked with… not only focused on getting tickets done but engaged and interested in making an incredible product”
Jared Proske
Jared Proske
Senior Software Development Lead at Hulu

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