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Web App Development

Web apps in 2017 demand efficient and highly available server-side services, decoupled from rich, dynamic and intuitive user interfaces able to run in multiple browsers, mobile phones and tablets. We develop web apps using tools and practices that enable us to meet the above mentioned demands of this ever-changing market.

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Ruby on Rails

Fast-growing and established companies are increasingly embracing Ruby on Rails as a reliable framework for producing secure, efficient and usable web apps or mobile backends. Along with automated testing and continuous deployment, Ruby on Rails allows for release of sophisticated products to market in record time.

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Single page applications (SPAs), combined with the right user interface design, provide a more fluid and pleasing user experience. We prefer React and Redux because they reduce the overall effort of building usable web interfaces — particularly, large SPAs with complex flows.

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Our team has been working with AngularJS for years. Angular stands out over other Javascript frameworks and tools because of its many advantages, including offering a clean design architecture, faster application development and a constantly growing community.

If you opt for AngularJS for building your next web interface, our senior frontenders can help you.

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Mobile Development

We help you design and/or turn your mock ups into usable and maintainable native iOS or Android apps. We follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s Material Design.

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iOS development

We use Objective-C and Swift to build iPhone and iPad mobile apps for a variety of markets and industries, including Financial, Real Estate and Retail. All of our iOS apps are backed up by secure, scalable and reliable RESTful APIs.

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“Moove-it has been an ideal partner with our business. Their ability to work within our budget, adjust to our ever-changing product development priorities, and provide innovative and thoughtful solutions has been a large part of our success.”
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Steve Roberson -
Managing Partner, MapRight
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Android development

We have helped companies connect their ideas with the right audience through developing high-impact mobile apps that people love to use. Through the right combination of processes and tools we deliver secure, efficient, fault-tolerant and usable Android apps on time and within budget.

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Looking to boost time-to-market?

We use React Native to build native mobile apps using only JavaScript.

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Java Enterprise Applications

We have helped companies create and integrate complex and heterogeneous enterprise applications using Java. We combine modern processes, technologies and tools to reduce development cycles and maximize the value delivered to stakeholders.

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Staff augmentation

We augment our clients’ team bandwidth and capacity. We quickly catch up with the current project’s status and existing codebase. We master remote communication and project management tools, including Trello and Jira. If needed, our designers and developers based in Austin, Texas, and Montevideo, Uruguay, are ready to travel and work on-site with our clients.

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Stability. We understand the cost of learning curve and the value added by long term relationships. We assign full-time engineers to projects and we only rotate them if there is a common agreement between both parties.

High quality. Our processes are directed toward delivering quality deliverables on time. We understand the importance of time-to-market and, at the same time, the importance of building maintainable and scalable solutions.

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Your one stop shop. Moove-it’s permanent staff include talented Ruby on Rails web developers, front-end developers, iOS developers, Android developers, Java developers, UX/UI designers, CSS architects and DevOps. Our goal is help our clients centralize their multiple needs in one place, avoiding the inconvenience of dealing and signing contracts with multiple service providers.

Friendly timezones. Moove-it’s development centers are based out of Austin, Texas (CST), and Montevideo, Uruguay (EST+1). 90% of our team work from the office, ensuring strong team cohesion and commitment. The rest of the team works remotely from Argentina and Colombia and travels periodically to our central offices to keep our cultural bonds fresh.

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