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Program goal

Upon successful completion of the 3 month program, you will be able to:

Towards the end of the second or third month, you'll be considered for a full-time position at Moove It, given that you have demonstrated that you share Moove It’s core values and have excelled in the execution of the program's assignments. Our culture plays an important role in the selection of the candidate. We expect apprentices to be collaborative, self-learning, and demonstrate ability to contribute to the working space helping other apprentices with their knowledge and experience.

How it works


The program comprises extensive hands-on activities, led by a Moove It Senior Developer, who will be responsible for providing guidance and support throughout the learning journey.

Participants will be subject to weekly evaluations in order to advance to the next stage of the program. They will also have a formal monthly feedback review.

The apprenticeship program will be held in our Austin, TX office.


Apprentices will be provided with guidance and support as they dive into the Node and React tools, in order to rapidly start building their first web app.

As a Moove It apprentice, you will learn all the core technical aspects related to the development process, from setting up the development environment to rolling out a web app to production.

You will also learn about best practices, coding standards, peer code reviewing, automated testing along with Agile communication and management tools.

The goal for participants is to lay the foundation for an exciting career as a web development consultant.

Program overview:
  • Quick glance at Agile methodology, practices and development environment tools.
  • The fundamentals (reading material and tutorials about e.g. JavaScript, Git and automated testing).
  • Hands on: building a web application using NodeJS and ReactJS.
  • Continuous Integration methodology and tools.
  • Software development best practices (code reviews, pair programming, coding standards).
  • Software consulting best practices.

All activities will be led by an on-site mentor operating from our Moove It Austin office located in Capital Factory. Participants will be provided with a bi-weekly stipend of $500 over the course of the apprenticeship.


The application process is made up of three stages:
Introductory call

An introductory call with the pre-screened applicants, aimed to acquire a better feeling about programming background, career goals, along with their motivation for joining the program. This would be the right time to address queries around expectations, goals and program structure.

We would like candidates to select at least three projects to send us after the introductory call. Our technical experts will review the work and analyze the candidates’ previous experience. We recommend:

  • avoiding work pulled directly from tutorials. Class assignments are fine as long as all of the code was written by you. If you cannot provide the actual code, please describe the project and your role in it.
  • with each project including a brief README indicating the goal of the project, how to run the code (if applicable), and any points of interest regarding your process and learning points.
  • keeping in mind that a good project can be anything from a simple CLI tool to a full-featured web application.
  • using any language or framework is fine as long as the candidate can reasonably demonstrate understanding of their own code.
Technical Interview

Technical background check with a Moove It Engineer to assess the applicant's overall programming proficiency level.

Final Interview

Candidates that excel in the technical interview are invited to a final interview that evaluates if they are a cultural fit for Moove It.


Ideal candidates possess a strong understanding of object-oriented programming fundamentals, and can speak confidently about their most recent projects and contributions. Strong preference is also given to applicants who exhibit a passion for self-directed learning, proactive attitude, and teamwork.


"As a self-taught developer, this program gave me the opportunity to test my skills within the context of a professional development workflow under the guidance of an experienced developer. My mentor is supportive and respectful, responds promptly to questions without condescension, while challenging me to think critically about coding decisions. This is the perfect opportunity for a self-motivated, independent learner to transition into a production environment with a company that values their developers and the community."

Ashley Michal Lewis
Ashley Michal Lewis
Q12016 edition grad

"As a recent graduate from college as a Computer Engineer, I was looking for my first real job as a programmer. I was able to use all the skills I developed while at school, and also find new skills that helped me as I entered the working world as a developer. My mentor helped teach me the foundations and the culture around development. I was challenged each day to test my limits, but I was also encouraged to ask questions and try my own solutions to each problem I faced. This opportunity is great for a new developer, and could be a stepping stone to joining a company that values its employees."

Gavin Haynes
Gavin Haynes
Q32016 edition grad


Will Moove it provide laptops for participants?
Yes, we will provide computers.
Will Moove It provide parking in downtown?
Yes, we will provide a parking lot for the Apprentices during the program.
What kind of time commitment should I expect?
Daily standup attendance is mandatory for all participants, and a minimum of 8 hours a day in the office is expected. However, as long as the apprentice demonstrates sustainable progress and steady growth, by excelling in the completion of the deliverables, exceptions will be considered and attendance may be skipped upon prior approval from the mentor.
How does the curriculum differ from a bootcamp?
This program does not include formal classroom instruction. Rather it requires self-directed study and research in order to meet the weekly goals.

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