We enable innovation,
creating meaningful software products.

Build the right
software products

We help your organization embrace innovation, implementing disruptive ideas, adding value to existing products, and contributing to the strategic growth of your business.

Scalable high-quality

We focus on technologies that, along with a build-measure-learn process, allow us to deliver high performing, less error-prone, and intelligible code. We implement high-quality and scalable software products that enrich user experience.

time to market

We combine effective communication with high technical capabilities to meet our clients' goals on time and within budget.

Our team

We have an enthusiastic, professional and reliable team. We efficiently integrate cross-disciplinary talents with a well-defined development process.

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Our process

We promote information flow and an open work culture. We monitor progress and quickly adapt to changes. Our development process allows your organization to explore challenging product innovation at low risk.

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Loving what we do

Through the years, we have gained expertise across a variety of industries and technology areas. That competitive advantage gives us the ability to understand your business thoroughly and accept new challenges.

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"Moove-it has a wonderful team of talented, motivated professionals that help us deliver high-quality web applications."

Jeff Smith CTO, Numerex


"Their offices are cool and home-like, and the culture is positive and fresh. Everyone seems talented and caring, and their technical chops are competitive with anyone else you can find."

Michael Staton Co-Founder, Uversity


"Working with Moove-it is a two-way enrichment relationship, sharing a common goal: make the technology invisible to the user and provide a better service."

Fernando Etchevarren CTO, Bancard


"We've worked with Moove-iT to build consumer-facing software tools, multiple branded websites, and our internal systems. The Moove-iT team is thorough, attentive and has made a concerted effort to understand all aspects of our business."

Andrew Soulakis VP of Development, Mobi Munch, Inc.


"I think Moove-IT does a fantastic job as an outsourced long distance partner and is doing all the right things to make the company a strong and excellent partner for anyone wanting to do business with them."

Nadir Uddin Founder, Arkayde


"I know we are pretty picky when it comes to QC, but you guys showed that you care about the quality of the final product every bit as much as we do. It's refreshing and inspiring. So for that, we'd like to thank all of you sincerely."

Brian Linder Founder, Opposite


"I have had nothing but 5-star service from Moove-IT, in particular from Michel Golffed, Andreas Fast, Sebastian Suttner, and Gabriela Isnardi. I would recommend Moove-IT to any other company, and will continue to utilize their services as much as possible."

Joseph Bell Director, Software Engineering, Numerex


"Continue the great work!"

Liz Carlson Founder, InTheDoor

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"I have been working with many developers over the past 10 months while developing my website before finding the Moove-IT team. I highly recommend their team to anyone that needs a friendly professional team at a great price. Thanks team, you guys rock!"

Jeremy Froehner Founder, Getunbored

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"I picked to work with Moove-It, because they have a deeply knowledgeable development team. They are able to deliver complex software within the deadlines. We continue working together with Moove-It on the tech part, because it's a great company - smart, reliable and trustworthy."

Robert Blessing Founder, LocalGuiding


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