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Costumers Customers
The right course for your children. Customers find course providers close to their home, related to the activities they’re interested in and the budget they can afford. Arkayde participates in the whole cycle allowing parents to coordinate classes using its web interface, eliminating the need for other communication forms in the scheduling process.
Providers Providers
Intuitive scheduling. Providers find themselves with an easy to use interface to schedule classes, modify programs and manage course aspects. It’s an interface to which they can actually get used.

Connecting parents and courses'
providers across the Web.

"I think Moove-iT does a fantastic job as an outsourced long distance partner and is doing all the right things to make the company a strong and excellent partner for anyone wanting to do business with them." Nadir Uddin, Founder, Arkayde
Mobile Mobile payments
People are always in a hurry. Bancard's mobile apps combine mobile technologies and security protocols in order to let the user safely pay their bills anytime, anywhere.
Web Web payments
Our web payment portal allows users to manage their bills in an unique way. Keeping track of payments has never been this easy and secure.
Infrastructure Infrastructure
Integrating multiple hardware and software technologies to work together. Working with the company’s legacy system to set-up a powerful background network for payment processing, combined with our Systems Analysis skills to ensure adequate performance and reliability.

We worked together with Bancard to develop and run a complete web payment infrastructure.

"Working with Moove-iT is a two-way enrichment relationship, sharing a common goal: make the technology invisible to the user and provide a better service." Fernando Etchevarren, CTO, Bancard
Tourists Tourists
We created this Web site focusing on a different kind of tourism: to experience the local life as it is. The idea is for you to enjoy a tour or an activity together with the people who live and breathe the area you are visiting. This portal helps you to find the kind of experiences that are not in a travel guide.
Guides Guides
We built a fast and simple site for you to connect with local experts and book unique or out of the ordinary travel tours. You can even venture to be a local guide yourself. This site will allow you to create your own personal shop, promote your services and even link them to the LocalGuiding Facebook page.

We help to build a great site to book
unique tours and around the world activities.

"We continue working together with Moove-iT on the tech part, because it's a great company - smart, reliable and trustworthy." Robert Blessing, Founder, LocalGuiding
Foodtrucks Food Trucks
Using MobileCravings, Food Truck Operators can easily manage their schedules and favorite locations, find and book new locations, and automatically push their schedules out to their websites and social media, ensuring accuracy and consistency for their customers.
Locations Locations
Location Managers are able to easily advertise locations to Truck Operators and Consumers, book food trucks by using a simple scheduling tool, and have the convenience of processing payments electronically.

We helped build MobileCravings, a scheduling tool and location marketplace that connects food trucks, locations and consumers.

"We've worked with Moove-iT to build consumer-facing
software tools, multiple branded websites, and our internal systems. The Moove-iT team is thorough, attentive and has made a concerted effort to understand all aspects of our business."
Andrew Soulakis, VP of Development, Mobi Munch, Inc.
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We love to create and support innovative products for early stage startups and well-established businesses.

Our goal is to unleash startup founders business development and marketing potential. We also give our fresh IT vision and expertise to companies, and use the knowledge acquired from working with startups to help innovate established businesses.

Idea Conception
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Web and Mobile

Security, Scalability
and Data Analysis

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Financial Apps

Bancard’s web-payments portal is a challenging project from one of the most important financial corporations in Paraguay.


Multiple technologies working together in order to provide a secure and efficient financial environment.
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Software as a Service

Mobile Cravings is a web-based tool that provides food truck related services, ultimately allowing consumers to find their favorite food trucks in real-time.


Those services include booking, scheduling and payment for food truck operators and location managers, all through one common portal.
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Mobile Apps

We believe that corporations and developers will definitely choose Zuki to make their work simple and enjoyable.


Make work easy from the palm of your hand. Be in the loop of the activities you deem important by following tickets or setting notifications.
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